Long-standing, big community:

  • AngularJS: yes
  • Angular 2+: no
  • ReactJS: not really

Multiple-page oriented, template-able, include-able:

  • AngularJS: yes
  • Angular 2+: no
  • ReactJS: yes (but HTML is inside JS code, this is against modern design to separate logic & UI)


  • AngularJS: yes
  • Angular 2+: yes
  • ReactJS: yes (but it’s Facebook’s right to turn into closed-source any time, this is dangerous)

Good foreseeable future:

  • AngularJS: yes, the whole world is using it (AngularJS.org is like independent from Angular.io)
  • Angular 2+: rather faded, single-paged?, typescript a new born programming language? angular (Google) & typescript (Microsoft) at the same place?
  • ReactJS: yes (but very dependent on Facebook)