Users of Windows 10 Public Release Builds don’t have to face the expiry problem like users of Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds.

Each Windows 10 Insider Preview Build has a expiry date. Two weeks before the expiry date, user gets the following alert:

This build of Windows will expire soon
Your build of Windows will expire on dd/mm/yyyy.
If it expires, your PC will restart after every few hours.

Roughly during 2 weeks later on after the expiry date, Windows will restart after every few hours, and finally won’t boot.

Solution for this problem:

  • Go to Windows 10 Settings >> Windows Insider Program
  • Click ‘Stop Insider Preview’ button
  • For older version of Insider Preview Build:
    • Option 1: Stop receiving further updates (NOT THE WAY)
    • Option 2: Stop Insider Preview completely: A webpage will be opened with 2 download links: for Windows Update (CHOOSE THIS), and for Windows Reinstalling (DON’T CHOOSE THIS)
  • For newer version of Insider Preview Build:
    • Option 1: Move to a less risky and less frequent schedule (MOVE TO SLOW)
    • Option 2: Pause updates for a bit (DON’T)
    • Option 3: Roll me back to the last Windows Release (DON’T CHOOSE THIS, INSIDER BUILDS ARE LOVELY)
    • Option 4: Keep giving me builds until the next Windows Release (DON’T)
    • There is no option for downloading the Windows Updater, so go to the ‘Download Windows 10’ webpage (click the button ‘Update now’ to download the updater programme):

Final check:

  • Window + R
  • winver (enter)
  • No expiry date should be shown, this is the expected result