Heroes and Generals player base: 10 millions+
Battlefield 4: 7 millions+

Heroes and Generals is a game title from Reto-Moto Denmark which is free to play with item mall but players can just play hard to earn coins to buy anything.

The game doesn’t require much on hardware as it is reported to be playable with a simple on-board Intel HD 4000 at 30 frames per second. However, players should get at least a cheap graphics card for this game. Low system requirements don’t mean bad graphics, it is even good compared to the system requirements.

Heroes and Generals doesn’t have great physics as the games in Battlefield series but it is a better option for serious players as H&G has a well defined player development from level 1 ‘Private’ to the last level ‘General’; players can keep playing to have more and more stuff unlocked when levelling up like motorbikes, jeeps, APCs, tanks, aeroplanes, etc. These vehicles can be used by recruiting the soldiers of according classes. This means players have something new every day or every week of playing. And the matter is General level makes a complete different mode to play, this urges players to play diligently to recruit a general and finally get promoted to General; we don’t mind about levels in Battlefield, it just doesn’t matter.

The above player development process is much different from DICE Battlefield style: ‘hop in and play the same game every day‘. Playing the same game every day is a big boringness.

H&G enforces teamwork in assault mode in both staged battles and war battles with connected lines between control points thus players have to work together. This is a good point for H&G too compared to the main game mode Conquest of Battlefield which players play anyway they want, one can capture any control point he wants i.e a mess for cooperation. The more similar mode in Battlefield is Rush Mode, however, players just can’t capture M-COMs as they are single points where enemy guns and sniper rifles are pointing to. H&G Assault Mode is rather like Rush Mode of Battlefield but it is more reasonable to capture an area (control point) instead of a single coordinate (M-COM location).

The game:

System requirements: