Sublime Text 3 is an excellent light-weight code editor for software developers, with these pros and cons:


  • Free, with an alert about purchasing sometimes
  • Ready to use syntax highlighters for many languages
  • Customisable syntax highlighters, even creating new syntax for unknown language by Sublime Text
  • Line numbers, folding buttons, right margin indicator (vertical line on the right)
  • Scrollable document mini-map
  • Opened document list panel (useful when too many files are opened, tabs will take up a lot of screen space)
  • Indentation markers as vertical lines in dim colour in the background
  • Easy switching between text encodings, line endings, tab sizes
  • Able to open a whole folder to code without using a file explorer (eg. Windows Explorer)
  • Multi-carets, multiple text selections
  • Quick text finding in multiple files, select a text to do a quick search and highlighting; double click an identifier to highlight occurrences.
  • Search and replace with regular expressions
  • Find in files and folders without external tool (eg. Total Commander)
  • Python console to install plug-ins and do other operations; powerful plug-in ecosystem known as Package Control:
  • Editor layout to open up to 4 columns, 3 rows, or grid of 4 document panes.
  • Line wrapping feature, and spell check.
  • Line bookmarks, jump to matching bracket
  • Build with external compilers and show results
  • Easy to create new plug-ins with built-in editor, easy to create new language syntax highlighting with regular expressions of multiple depths
  • Nice and clear default font, easy to differentiate stuff in code
  • Very fast code editor as texts are shown in native window, not like some other editors based on Chromium showing texts in HTML mode


  • Free but with purchasing alert sometimes
  • No built-in hex editor although files with null bytes are opened in hex view mode by default
  • No horizontal ruler showing column numbers (a feature in PsPad)
  • No toolbar as Sublime Text is more focused on keyboard
  • Real bad thing: Sublime Text is not supporting printing file to printer; users have to use plug-in to export to another file format to print!